Pastel Blue Geometric Pot


Brand new pastle blue geometric pots.

Available in 4 different shapes.

Hand cast by Jack using a stained blue porcelain, the pots are then sponged and fettled after being removed from their moulds before being fired to extremely high temperatures.
Once they have been fired they are sanded by hand to produce a super smooth finish, and left unglazed for a matt feel.

Made from the highest quality porcelain, which by nature is also non pourus so will retain all water.

Dodecahedron - Measures 6.5cm wide and 5.5cm high
Tilted Icosahedron - Measures 8.5cm wide and 7.5cm high
Flat icosahedron - Measures 8.5cm wide and 4.5cm high
Tall geometric - Measures 6.5cm wide and 6.5cm high

Sizes/shapes shown from left to right.


  • Dodecahedron
  • Tilted Icosahedron Sold Out
  • Flat Icosahedron
  • Tall Geometric